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The story behind the establishment of the Dinafem seed bank is not the most spectacular and therefore told very quickly. After a group of befriended cannabis growers had experimented with interesting cannabis varieties for many years and gained the necessary experience, they decided to take their adventure a step further. As a test and in order to be able to comply with all the legal requirements of the industry, a company was founded. The first stone was laid but a lot of work still had to be done before the first Dinafem weed seeds would be available on the market.
The fall of 2002 until the winter of 2003 was completely dedicated to only one thing. The team of Dinafem used the entire year to conduct research and to investigate the technical side of the plan. Several cultivation techniques were tested, and a thorough study and documentation of the cannabis plant took place. The first steps were made for the cultivation of feminised seeds, and extensive tests were performed with mother plants and with male plants. After a year of hard work and preparation, the first production experiment could finally be executed and in December 2013 the first power Kush seeds were harvested. This was the first variety of weed seed Dinafem produced and the first feminised seeds of Dinafem that were ready to be introduced on the market.

The next year was merely spent on conducting more tests and making the company ready to professionally sell the seeds on the market. On 1 January 2005, the Dinafem seed bank officially sees the light of day. The company aims to offer products and services of the highest quality. Dinafem is the first professional company in Spain that focuses on the development and the commercialisation of feminised weed seeds. Dinafem wants to be able to show that people in Spain are capable of developing and producing cannabis seeds which quality can easily compete with the quality of the Dutch Legends. A beginning will be made with designing a catalogue in which all varieties available at that time, such as the Moby Dick, Critical+ and Blue Widow, will be included. After six years of perfecting and selecting, Dinafem is able to offer and extensive range of 100% feminised and stable seeds. These cannabis seeds are originating from the best varieties in the world.

At the end of the 21st century’s first decade, Dinafem successfully enforces its position on the market and starts with the cultivation of a few renowned varieties, such as the Cheese and the Industrial Plant. This latter variety is based on the well-known Northern Lights. In 2009 the company also starts the cultivation of new autoflowering varieties. Three new autoflowering lines and ten new names are the result and in 2010 Dinafem owns a record number of varieties. In the course of the year, Dinafem receives a special recognition. One of the first and probably also the most known variety, the Moby Dick, is voted in 2010 “girl of the year” by the readers of the magazine Soft Secrets. It is the first time ever that a non-Dutch variety has been elected and for the proud Dinafem team it is a reward for the hard work they put into it for five years.

These days the Dinafem seed bank is represented in almost all European countries where cannabis seeds can be traded. The influence of Dinafem outside the borders of Europe continues to grow and Dinafem obtains the reputation of a prestigious company.