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Autoflowering seeds come from a recent development. They are considered as one of the major novelties in the world of cannabis and weed seeds. Growers have since responded very enthusiasticly so these weed seeds have become widely available. Thanks to careful selection and cross-fertilization of different cannabis species growers have managed to develop a weed plant that holds an extremely interesting physiology able to grow in almost every part of the world and in almost any climate. Wherever you are, you’ll most likely find an autoflowering strain that will fit your way of growing cannabis. Autoflowering seeds can therefore be found in almost any seed bank that offers weed seeds. The large majority of them will offer some autoflower species. Autoflowers come in hybride, indica or sativa dominant species.

What are autoflowering cannabis seeds

Autoflowering seeds always come from female plants and will start to flower automatically, disregarding the natural length of days. So there is no need to black out the plants or to temporarily reduce lighting for several hours. Autoflowering plants will blossom and flower no matter what. They will even do so earlier in the season and quicker than regular cannabis seeds. This plant has a shorter journey from seed to flower compared to a normal plant. Their lifespan is shorter because of their genetic incline towards a short summer period. An autoflowering cannabis plant needs about 10 weeks from weed seed to cut-ready plant which is much quicker than an ordinary cannabis plant.

The best conditions for the cannabis plant

You can work with autoflowering seeds anywhere, anytime regardless whether you live in the north or south or if you have a short or a long summer. Even in the shorter Alaskan or Canadian summers, you will be able to grow cannabis outside provided that you have the right genetics and some knowledge about cannabis culture. Autoflowering varieties will also produce larger flower tops when given more light. Because of their shorter and faster life cycle autoflowering plants will yield several crops a year in warmer and sunnier environments.

The emergence of an autoflowering plant

Autoflower genetics is obtained by cross-fertilizing cannabis indica or cannabis sativa with cannabis ruderalis. These varieties will be submitted to a further selection process as well as an improvement to get the cannabis ruderalis’ autoflowering physiology combined with the strength typical to cannabis indica or cannabis sativa.

Cannabis ruderalis is less strong than cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. Cannabis ruderalis has a much lower level of psychoactive substances compared to cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. Because of this cannabis ruderalis in its pure form is rarely grown yet the plant can be mainly found in open nature. Autoflowering plants are the result of successful cross-fertilization with strong varieties with high THC levels, in other words cannabis plants offering the advantages of cannabis ruderalis yet at the same time the strength of cannabis indica and cannabis sativa.

Growing with limited space available

Cannabis ruderalis is a cannabis variety that is mainly found in northern countries like Russia and Canada where this plant finds are natural origin. Cannabis ruderalis will start to produce flowers automatically. It is a shorter, smaller plant compared to cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. This physiology is mainly due to the shorter summer periods in its original natural habitat. These plants can only naturally survive by going through their entire life cycle in a short period of time so they have not enough time to grow into large plants, hence their reduced size. For growers with only limited space available this is of course an important aspect. The ideal solution may be hidden in the smaller size of the plant. The possibility arises to control plant size in their small garden. Plants that grow into large trees are usually a problem when grown on the windowsill, on a small balcony or patio. The use of autoflowering seeds eliminates this problem so your plant can grow nicely and discretely in a sunny spot.

Growing autoflowering plants in your garden

Generally speaking, autoflowering plants are much smaller compared to regular cannabis varieties. For this reason, autoflowering plants are an ideal solution if you want to grow them very discretely on a small patio or balcony and without the need to obscure them. With careful planning the best part of the summer can provide optimal sunlight which will produce flowers all the time, even in the longest days of the year. Even in areas with short summers this won’t be a problem when using autoflowering plants. It will also take away any worries about the need for male plants because of the guarantee that your plant is female.

Autoflowering seeds produce quickly and easily and can be grown both inside, outside or in a greenhouse in any part of the world. In other words, in your little garden as well.