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Order feminized cannabis seeds at Seedmarket

Feminized weed seeds could be compared to a 'hole in one' in golf. If you want to grow weed and don’t like all the hassle, but you want a guarantee for success, then feminized weed seeds are what you are looking for. They will give you the absolute certainty that any plant that grows from them will be feminine. In other words, this is the ideal solution for all of you who are only looking for female plants in your garden. By using feminized seeds, you will never lose any valuable space at male plants that will only reveal their unwanted sex after you’ve taken care for them for a long time.

Top quality cannabis

Male plants can completely ruin a beautiful sinsemilla crop by pollinating female plants. When that happens, female plants will start to grow seeds in their flowers – the one thing you try to avoid to obtain top quality cannabis. By making sure from the start onwards that only female plants grow in our garden or grow box, you will get a sinsemilla growth, i.e. the total absence of seeds in our plants’ flowers.

Feminized seeds are relatively new to the world of cannabis. They have only become available in the past few years. Techniques that were used to get to them have been refined and perfected in order to guarantee more stable and reliable seeds compared to the early days. Today feminized seeds can be found in almost every seed bank. The internet makes it easy for everyone to buy weed seeds online.

The techniques to produce feminized seeds

Different techniques are being used to produce cannabis plants that only have female seeds. The idea is always very simple: it only takes female pollen to make a plant produce feminized seeds. These pollen originate from female plants. In nature only male plants can produce pollen. So the secret trick is to manipulate a female plant into producing pollen. Pollen from male flowers on a female plant are being used to pollinate another female plant. The seeds from this plant will be feminized weed seeds. Different ways exist to manipulate a female plant into growing male flowers. Every seed bank uses its own methods to get feminized seeds.

Different kinds and varieties

Feminized seeds come in different kinds and varieties, just as ordinary seeds. But all of these feminized seeds will grow into female cannabis plants with a different physiology or aroma. You will find for example feminized cannabis indica seeds, cannabis sativa seeds, hybrid cannabis varieties, autoflowering varieties or feminized CBD strains. Most regular strains also come in a feminized variety these days. All these seeds can be grown inside, outside or in a greenhouse. Organic or mineral growing is possible, in solid soil, in a coco flower bed or on rockwool slabs when using a hydro system, as well as in any substrate.

Indica or sativa

Like regular cannabis seeds, you will encounter a large number of single varieties. Indica varieties will again produce smaller plants compared to sativa varieties, just as it is for regular cannabis seeds. Regular cannabis or cannabis from feminized seeds will produce identical physiologies.

Benefits of feminized cannabis seeds

The big advantage of working with feminized seeds will be the complete denial of male plants. No need to use cuttings to obtain female plants. Starting off from seeds equals starting off with a healthy plant. Cuttings on the other hand can never guarantee the same health level. Very often plant diseases or moulds are carried over from the mother plant to the offspring – if the mother plant is not in an excellent condition, its cuttings will show this feeble condition as well. Infections are very common and easy to come by when cuttings form the base of a new crop. Using seeds will avoid these risks. On top of that there will be no need to keep your mother plants in a different room. Two big advantages if your available growing space is limited.

Create your own cuttings

Plants from feminized seeds will not make good mother plants for later cuttings. If you want to grow mother plants for this reason, you’re far better off using regular seeds. These regular seeds offer a much more stable genetic environment because they hold both male and female chromosomes. Feminized seeds only hold female chromosomes. In order to guaranty physiological stability in cuttings after several generations, the mother’s genetics should be extremely stable. Very often, cuttings from plants grown out of feminized seeds will lose this stability after a few plant generations.

Feminized seeds can be grown inside the house, outside in the garden or in a greenhouse. Resulting plants will be guaranteed female from every single seed.