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This is the right place when you’re looking for first class cannabis seeds. We truly believe that knowhow from a great number of years, our experience and solid expertise will put us in a perfect position to advise you properly and individually as well as to offer the best service to anyone who is looking for cannabis seeds. Cannabis is a marvellous, wonderful plant that has unique properties. It also happens to be our top passion. We are ready to support your quest for the right cannabis genetics to suit your individual taste. Every unique cannabis plant starts off from high quality seed. We already know how important it is to take the right start. For that reason we want to give everybody access to best quality genetics. It’s hard to grow top quality cannabis from lesser quality seeds.

We offer a wide range of regular seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, autoflowering seeds and high CBD cannabis seeds. All of them find their origin in highly reputed seed banks including Sensi seeds, White Label, Dutch Passion, Barney’s Farm, Dinafem, Paradise seeds, Royal Queen seeds, Strainhunters, Sweet Seeds and Greenhouse seeds.Be free to scroll through our extensive range of products to discover exclusive cannabis genetics from all over the world. Herb is the healing of a nation.

  • Think different’ is a calling but also a brand name for one of the most spectacular types Dutch Passion has to offer. The weed seeds of this plant are the proof that quality and quantity go hand in hand.

    € 29.00
  • High profitability and that for a plant with a relatively modest size of around 1 metre in height.

    € 29.00
  • These cannabis seeds are easy to cultivate, even for the starting grower. A lot of experience is therefore not necessary. The Purple Bud owes its name to the purple flowers arising from these cannabis seeds.

    € 20.00
  • With the Blue Cheese Auto, Barney’s Farm has introduced a type of cannabis seeds on the market for which the ease for the grower comes first. In all of their features these weed seeds are the typical Blue Cheese but thanks to the breeding with a specially selected Ruderalis these cannabis seeds are not depending on the light cycle.

    € 19.50
  • Crossing two premium types of cannabis is a difficult job on its own, but the people at Dinafem take it even a step further: they just take three types in order to achieve a surprisingly eminent result. That result is certainly impressive because the weed seeds of the Blue Kush Autoflowering will surely appeal to the senses of the home-grower!

    € 24.00
  • Thinking about it could make you euphoric beforehand! The Euforia by Dutch Passion is an award-winning Skunk-type. Start making space in your greenhouse, because a euphoric high is only 7 to 8 weeks away.

    € 27.00
  • The StarRyder is the perfect example of synergy: one plus one is three. For the StarRyder, Dutch Passion has chosen for a daring variant of indica and sativa by utilising the knowledge present at Joint Doctor and Dutch Passion.

    € 31.01

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