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One of the all-time greats! feminized White Widow seeds grow potent, fast-flowering, high-yielding plants.

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Type of floweringPhotoperiod
Flowering time8 - 9 weeks

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White Widow feminized

One of the all-time greats! feminized White Widow seeds grow potent, fast-flowering, high-yielding plants. By harvest time, buds are covered with a thick layer of sticky resin glands, giving this strain a sparkling white appearance and a super potent punch! White Widow has been at the top of coffeeshop menus and growers’ wish-lists for over 20 years!

In that time, countless weed strains have passed through Amsterdam and new varieties are still released every year. However, it’s interesting to note how few of them remain part of the growing or coffeeshop scene for any length of time. Many once-famous strains, which were the talk of the town just a few years ago, are now almost forgotten. White Widow is one of a small number of cannabis hybrids to attain true legendary status. Quite simply, this is because she lives up to her reputation!

With a sturdy, reliable growth pattern and quick blooming cycle, White Widow feminized cannabis seeds from are the perfect choice for beginner growers and expert cultivators alike. As a feminized strain, there’s no need to eliminate male plants at the beginning of the flowering phase, making a successful harvest even easier.

White Widow feminized cannabis seeds produce plants with an Indica-dominant growth pattern. Her significant sativa heritage influences the bud structure and the sublime high of this Indica-sativa hybrid without making White Widow overly tall or extending her flowering cycle.

Plants grown from seed should be vegetated to a height of 30-60cm before being put into their flowering phase. White Widow plants can be expected to roughly double their height as they bloom, with some examples adding 150% to their pre-flowered height.

Flowering typically continues for 8-9 weeks, at which point White Widow’s flower clusters will be mature and ready for harvest. The main stem and upper branches produce most of the yield. Many growers choose to prune branches on the lower half of their plants in order to save space and concentrate production at the top, though this depends on the individual plant.

Well-grown White Widow buds are a spectacular sight - large and solid with the strain’s trademark blanket of resin. The central colas of the most potent plants will often show extra sativa influence, with large calyxes and a more open structure, which allows a greater surface area for the abundant resin glands to sprout!

Dried buds have a delicious bouquet: the sweet, musky and earthy aromas from her Indica background blend with the spicy, acrid and sharp flavours of her sativa side. Above all, White Widow’s tropical ancestry is most strongly felt in her legendary potency which combines devastating power with an energetic, uplifting high!


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White Widow

One of the all-time greats! feminized White Widow seeds grow potent, fast-flowering, high-yielding plants.

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