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Sensi Skunk Sensi Seeds

Fans of hints of citrus are sold only when hearing the name of these weed seeds!

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Seeds are only sold to persons who are 18+ and strictly for souvenir / novelty purposes, for storage in case the laws may change and/or for the conservation of cannabis seeds.
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Data sheet of the seed Sensi Skunk

Type of floweringPhotoperiod
Flowering time6 - 7 weeks
VarietyMostly Indica

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Sensi Skunk regular

Sensi Skunk® cannabis seeds

Feminised seeds are quite hip these days but the breeders of Sensi Seeds offer enough interesting types to the grower who rather cultivates regular seeds. Cannabis seeds of the world-famous type Sensi Skunk, for example. Fans of hints of citrus are sold only when hearing the name of these weed seeds! The Sensi Skunk cannabis seeds are based on the power of the renowned Skunk#1 but, if possible, some elements of quality still had to be added in order to get something really special. That appeared to be possible indeed, a sweet (yet mysterious!) plant was used to provide an extra boost to the newly developed weed seeds. The fact that this intervention has been beneficial, mainly shows from the large calyces that arise when the cannabis seeds grow into an adult plant.


Skunk that is cultivated on the other side of the ocean often is a bit sharper than the European Skunk-variants which can be called a lot sweeter because of the hints of citrus. When you are a grower who particularly appreciates that sweetness, tending towards the Spanish inlands, the Sensi Skunk seeds are really meant for you. Typical Skunk but with a twist that appeals to the senses of those with a true sweet tooth.


Does buying and growing these cannabis seeds pose a risk for the grower? Actually not. In colder climates the Sensi Skunk flourishes under lamps or in the greenhouse, in a more Mediterranean climate it is also an excellent option to cultivate the seeds outdoor. The result is that the Sensi Skunk weed seeds flower quickly and transform themselves into a plant with thick buds providing a great harvest to the grower.


The Sensi Skunk is a valuable asset on the ‘cannabis market’; a type setting the standard for starting smokers and convincing experienced smokers that development always continues. 80 percent indica and a flowering period of approximately 50 days, that is what the buyer of these award-winning weed seeds may expect.



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Sensi Skunk

Fans of hints of citrus are sold only when hearing the name of these weed seeds!

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